Aviation Planning & Technology
Seabury APG is a highly specialized management consulting firm focusing exclusively on aviation planning and management. The firm’s tight focus is designed to serve clients who demand detailed, thoughtful and responsive analysis.

With a unique blend of consulting skills and post-deregulation knowledge, Seabury APG brings advanced yet practical expertise to airlines, airport authorities, equipment manufacturers, policy makers and others in the aviation industry. Seabury APG helps its aviation clients to react quickly and accurately to changing industry conditions, and to implement the most effective strategies and tactics.

Seabury APG's mission is to provide the highest level of planning expertise in the most critical areas facing the commercial aviation community.

Optimizing Global Networks

Seabury APG’s in-depth understanding of the concepts, data and tools involved in optimizing today’s complex networks allows the firm to contribute immediately to a carrier’s restructuring efforts.


Clients of Seabury APG have access to a world-class suite of information technology tools. As the complexity of the aviation industry increases, it has become vital to have the ability to model and forecast the impact of competitive changes.